Grace Lutheran Church, Somers Point ca. 1928


          1923 - First service is held in Eagle Hall.

          1924 - Grace Lutheran Church is organized with 40 members.

          1927 - First church building is completed.

          1932 - Grace and Epiphany Lutheran, Pleasantville separate into two parishes.

          1940s - Church interior is renovated and redecorated.

          1951 - Congregation purchases adjoining lots.

          1955 - Church building is expanded to add a two-story parish hall.

          1966 - New Narthex (lobby), bell tower, and parking lot are added.

          1975 - Pastor Rinck celebrates his 25th Anniversary as Grace Lutheran's Pastor.

          1979 - New office addition is added.

           1984 - Pastor Rinck is given the title Pastor Emeritus by the congregation on his retirement.

          1986 - Pastor Rickards begins his ministry at Grace Lutheran Church.

          1992 - Ecumenical Food Pantry is established & housed at Grace Lutheran.

          2001 - Church Sanctuary is renovated.

          2006 - Education / Fellowship Hall section is renovated.

          2008 - Parking lots are resurfaced and paved.

          2009 - Congregation acquires new Roger's Masterpiece Series digital organ.

          2009 - New bell tower is completed.

          2011 - Pastor Rickards celebrates his 25th Anniversary as Grace Lutheran's Pastor.

          2011 - Restrooms are added to the upstairs social hall.

          2011 - The Ecumenical Food Pantry's main room is renovated.

          2012 - A new well is drilled for the front lawn irrigation system.

          2012 - Front lawn irrigation, landscaping, and new walkway are completed.

          2012 - 2013 - Vicar Karen Bernhardt serves her seminarian internship at Grace.

           2014 - New entrance lights and doors to the narthex are installed.

             2014 - Rev. Karen Bernhardt is ordained and installed as Part-Time Associate Pastor.

           2015 - Vacation Bible School is re-introduced.

           2016 - Pastor Rickards celebrates his 30th Anniversary as Grace Lutheran's Pastor.

           2016 - Columbaria installed and dedicated. 

             2019 - New carpet tiles and trim installed in the downstairs hallway and lounge; new furniture
                        aquired for the lounge; electrical upgrades and LED fixtures installed; exterior trim painted.

          2020 - Pastor Jeffrey H. Rickards retires after 34 years of ministry and many great accomplishments
                        at Grace Lutheran Church. 

          2020 - Pastor Kevin Hilgendorf serves as Interim Pastor.

          2020 - Pastor Althea Albright begins her ministry at Grace Lutheran Church.

          2021 - Children's Sermon and Sunday School are reintroduced.

          2023 - Church office is rennovated.

          2024 - Grace Lutheran Church celebrates it's 100th Anniversary.

         2024 - Social Hall ceiling lights are replaced with LEDs. 

         2024 - Pastor Althea Albright accepts a calling at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church close to family in PA.

         2024 - Pastor Wendolyn Trozzo serves as Interim Pastor