Simply Giving
Simply Giving® is a stewardship program that gives church members the option of providing regular offerings by electronic transfer without the need to prepare envelopes, write checks, or carry cash. Simply Giving® uses a convenient, safe, and simple bank withdrawal and deposit method similar to those used by many families to make automatic mortgage and utility payments. Over 6,000 churches and institutions currently use this program.
Advantages of Simply Giving®:
Provides convenience for you - No need to write checks or bring cash to church; eliminates the need for envelopes.  Your contributions are automatically transmitted and electronically deposited into the church bank account. 
Allows flexibility - You can designate weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly contributions to any combination of: the general operating fund, church at large, building fund, parish benevolence fund, music fund, or Grace Music and Arts Foundation. You can cancel or change your donation amount(s) at any time.
Helps you maintain your regular stewardship giving - Scheduled automated offerings keep you from falling behind in your weekly support to the church, even if you miss a Sunday due to illness, bad weather, or vacation.
Helps the church - Provides more consistent donations, reduces the seasonal donation slump, improves financial forecasting, and allows planning to proceed with greater confidence.
To sign-up for Simply Giving®:
Return the completed authorization form to the church office.